quinta-feira, 14 de junho de 2012

Afinal há um novo Verhoeven antes do "novo Verhoeven"*

"When we heard that Paul Verhoeven was working on a mysterious film project that consisted of an 8-part script, composed of contributions from audience participants—accompanied with an alternate, "user-generated", version—we knew we were in for something different. So arrives the trailer for the stripped down Tricked, a film from an auteur who has thus far built his oeuvre with well known actors and sleek production value. For now the official website isn't available in English, so Wikipedia is your best bet for exposition on this so-called "Entertainment Experience"."

via MUBI

*que é como dizer: há Tricked antes de De stille Kracht

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João Palhares disse...

"The script consists of eight parts. Part one is written by Kim van Kooten. The “crowd” (participators of the competition) will subsequently write the scripts for the seven following parts. Both Paul Verhoeven and the participating film crews will make their film based on those scripts. The process of making the film is shown in a TV show on Dutch channel Veronica. The project was launched on 21st September 2011 and will finish at the end of 2012."