domingo, 4 de setembro de 2011

Sobre o que é tudo isto, afinal

Film, baby, powerful tool for love or laughter, fantastic weapon to create violence or ward it off, is in your hands. The only possible chance you've got in our round thing is not to bitch about injustice or break windows, but to make a concerted effort to have a loud voice. The loudest voice known to man is on thousand-foot reels. Campus chants about war are not going to help two peasants in a rice paddy on Tuesday. However, something might be said on emulsion that will stop a soldier from firing into nine children somewhere, sometime. Now; next year; five years from now. Try emulsion instead of rocks for race relations and ecology. That, and love and laughter, has to be what it's all about. Then you'll survive. Maybe we'll all survive. Maybe.

via Signo do Dragão

Where do you start? There’s no Monopoly board. No “Start, Do Not Pass Go.” I think you start out by just being there, and being curious and having the drive to make films.

More important: make film, shoot film, run film

Do something.

Make film. Shoot anything.

It does not have to be sound.

It does not have to be titled.

It does not have to be color.

There is no have to. Just do.

And show it to somebody. If it is an audience of one, do and show, then try it again.

That is how.

It sounds simple.

It’s not. Then again, it is.

Jerry Lewis, em The Total Filmmaker

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