sábado, 18 de dezembro de 2010

The Dust Blows Forward and the Dust Blows Back..

There's ole Gray with 'er dove-winged hat / Threre's ole Green with her sewing machine / Where's the bobbin at? / Tote'n old grain in uh printed sack / The dust blows forward 'n dust blows back / And the wind blows black thru the sky / And the smokestack blows up in suns eye / What am I gonna die? / Uh white flake riverboat just flew by / Bubbles popped big 'n uh lipstick Kleenex hung on uh pointed forked twig / Reminds of the bobby girls / Never was my hobby girls / Hand full uh worms and uh pole fishin' / Cork bobbin' like uh hot red bulb 'n uh blue jay squeaks / His beak open an inch above uh creek / Gone fishin' for a week / Well I put down my bush 'n I took of my pants 'n felt free / The breeze blowin' up me 'n up the canyon / Far as I could see / It's night now and the moon looks like uh dandelion / It's black now 'n the blackbird's feedin' on rice'n his red wings look diamonds 'n lice / I can hear the mice toes scamperin' / Gophers rumblin' in pile crater rock hole / One red bean stuck in the bottom of uh tin bowl / Hot coffee from uh krimpt up can / Me 'n my girl named Bimbo Limbo Spam..

Don Van Vliet (1941-2010)

Porra, que anda tudo a morrer, caralho..

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Anónimo disse...

João, passei por aqui para te dar os parabéns pelo teu excelente trabalho neste blog que oferece uma vasto leque de motivos de interesse ao visitante. Aprecio deveras a lista de blogs de inegável interesse e diversidade.
Aproveito, naturalmente, para te agradecer a inclusão do meu "a ilha do Zé" nessa lista.


João Palhares disse...

Muito obrigado Zé!
E não tens que agradecer, como é óbvio! :)