terça-feira, 16 de junho de 2009

Budd Boetticher

"When I was doing research for "The Rise and Fall of Legs Diamond", I went out to Chicago, Detroit, and Cleveland, and I met all the hoods. They would meet me in restaurants, and they would say, "Mr. Boetticher," pronouncing my name correctly, "may we sit down?" always two guys, very well dressed, Brooks Brothers suits, and they would sit down and say,"we understand you're gonna make a picture about Jack Diamond." I said, "well, I'm gonna try." They said, "what kind of picture is it gonna be?" I responded, "well, the greatest picture I ever saw was made by a woman, Leni Riefenstahl, Triumph of the Will (1934), about `one of the most despicable men of all time, Adolf Hitler. So I want to make a picture about a miserable, no good son-of-a-bitch that when you walk out of the theater, you say, "God, wasn't he great!" And then you take two steps, and you say, "wait a minute, he was a miserable son-of-a-bitch!" You know, there's nothing like Triumph of the Will ever. That film not only made Nazism look good; it made Hitler look good! That's a neat trick if you can do it. I first saw the film in a theater in the Navy Department, with Richard Carlson and Gene Kelly, and we ran the complete uncut version of Riefenstahl's picture. And when the lights came on, we really peeked around to see that nobody was there, and then we said to each other, "Heil Hitler!" The thing is, no matter how you try to recut that film to make Hitler look bad, you can't do it. You start with him flying through the clouds in an airplane, and then he descends from the heavens, and he looks like Christ."

Porque é que a maior parte dos filmes de Budd Boetticher não existe em DVD?, porque é que a maior parte das pessoas não o conhece sequer? Quanto vou ter que esperar para poder ver a série "Buchanan" inteira?
Vale esta entrevista enquanto se espera pelo resto. E estes posts.

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My One Thousand Movies disse...

É um realizador que eu quero ter no meu blog :)

João Palhares disse...

Só vi dois dos quase 40 filmes que ele fez. Se algum dia postares filmes dele no teu blog, serei o primeiro a vê-los. :)

P.S: Já agora queria-te agradecer, porque foi graças ao teu blog que vi grande parte dos filmes do grande SAMUEL FULLER.