sexta-feira, 24 de setembro de 2010

Não é Cinema, é mais que Cinema:

Never before have the characters in a film seemed so close and yet so far away. Faced by the the deserted streets of Benghazi or the sand-dunes, we suddenly think for the space of a second of something else - the snack-bars on the Champs-Elysees, a girl one liked, everything and anything, lies, the treachery of women, the shallowness of men, playing the slot-machines. For Bitter Victory is not a reflection of life, it is life itself turned into film, seen from behind the mirror where the cinema intercepts it. It is at once the most direct and the most secret of films, the most subtle and the crudest. It is not cinema, it is more than cinema.

3 comentários:

Ricardo disse...

É conhecido o amor lendário que Godard nutria por este filme.

Bom post.

A Bola Indígena disse...

visita e comenta os grandes clássicos


João Palhares disse...

Nunca é demais lembrar tanto o filme, como a crítica, como, sim, o amor lendário que o Godard nutria por Bitter Victory.