quarta-feira, 7 de março de 2012

Another boy drowning - The The

Monday morning, I looked the mirror in the eyes
I think I'd kill myself, if I ever went blind
Your life is slipping away
You found out you're older than you thought you were today

You've gotta stay optimistic
It gets harder by the second
We all know we're edging our way toward the end

Carving hearts & crosses in my head

There's people on the streets throwin' rocks at themselves
'Coz they ain't got no money and they're livin' in hell
But there's animals down the road adding fuel to this heat
It never did take much guts to be a sheep

There are no voices - as the time approaches
I wanted to be like Bob Dylan until I discovered Moses
Saturday night and I was lying in my bed
The window was open and raindrops were bouncing off my head

When it hit me like a thunderbolt
"I don't know nothing and I'm scared
That I never will"

You pray to your god, that you'll never
Feel so much pain again
But the agony has just begun

Movin' on, opening new doors
Life...just doesn't seem that simple anymore
And in case I don't see you again
I hope you'll feel glad that you know me while I was here

Matt Johnson

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